Dosing Stations

Dosing Solutions involving one or more components usually require auxiliary bulk- and solids-handling equipment before and after the dosing process itself. All this additional equipment needs to be  installed on place and to be fit to correctly meet junction points between the various machines. Therefore, custom designed mounting structures are to be engineered.

Dosing Stations are an interesting solution to considerably reduce engineering and manufacturing costs generated by these special design requirements.

Our Dosing Station Solutions include everything required to process your product out from the bag it is received down to the delivery point into the following transformation process.
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energy saving

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Available as explosion proof versions

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Highly reliable

Thanks to a space saving design and a light-weighted structure, single component dosing stations represent a practical and flexible solution that garantees easy access for both cleaning and material change. an Ideal dosing solution for bulk and solid materials to be processed at very low flow rates in laboratories or industrial applications.

With its solid vibrations and shock absorbing  structure design a prooven solution ideal for applications requirung simultaneous gravimetric dosing of multiple bulk & solid materials on limited space. This compact dosing stations can be equipped with up to six loss-in-weight dosing units, propelled by either vibratory tray, single or  twin screw dosing equipment. The robust and enclosed structure makes its a reliable solution for long term operation in harsh industrial environments.

Desinged with the aim to be space-saving and light-weighted, this modular dosing stations are ideal for simultaneous gravimetric dosing applications requiring two, three or four materials of bulk or solid nature to be accurately processed.

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