Gravimetric Dosing by Loss-In-Weight Technology

How it works ...

The dosing hopper with its content and the extracting device are weighed. At the start or after refilling, the actual value for the weight is taken over from the reference weight computer, that immediately starts to calculate the decreasing weight of the material in the bin. A regulator continuously compares  the actual and the reference weight values and controls the extraction device accordingly without time delay. During refilling operations, the extraction device is controlled with an averaged value of the regulating signal.

The dosing output capacity can be set in [kg/h], [t/h] or in  [%] of a central preset total capacity.

Main Features:

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Safe to operate

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Nearly maintenance free

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Also available as Explosion proof models

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With Vibratory Tray

Gravimetric vibratory tray dosing units controlled at resonance frequency and constantly adjusted to correct eventual deviations during the process. These gravimetric dosing solutions are most suitable for free flowing materials and ideal for chunky, fragile & friable materials that need to  be dosed into a production process without being exposed to damages.

With Screw

Gravimetric single or twin screw dosing units that can be equipped either with DC or AC gear motor and are ideal for bad flowing powders and pigments that tend to stick, bridge or build ratholes in the dosing hopper.

With Gear Pump

Gravimetric dosing units  equipped with high accuracy gear pumps, tailored to provide extrusion applications relaiably with liquid additives and suitable for low to middle viscosity liquid materials.

Smart solutions for laboratory applications

Handy solutions for industrial applications

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